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RXR REALTY & UNDER ARMOUR Help SKIP of New York Empower Kids with Special Needs


Empower Kids with Special Needs through

The Starrett-Lehigh Sporting Goods Drive


On April 28th from 4-6 pm, RXR Realty and Under Armour celebrated young athletes with special needs at an afternoon of fun and games with children at the offices of SKIP of New York. SKIP’s SPRING SPORTS BLAST 2015 was designed as an afternoon of celebration of the disabled and medically fragile children that SKIP serves, as well as their siblings and special friends. Every child who attended received gifts of new and gently used athletic gear and sports equipment. These items were all donated by organizations at The Starrett-Lehigh Building to The Starrett-Lehigh Sporting Goods Drive, a partnership between RXR and Under Armor. Those who attended SKIP’s Sports Blast also received a Certificate of Recognition from SKIP. 

The RXR Team at Starrett-Lehigh worked with tenants, SKIP and Under Armour, to launch this important initiative.  “The Starrett-Lehigh Building is home to about 140 companies,” said William Elder, RXR Executive Vice President and Managing Director, New York City. “We take an active role connecting our tenants and encouraging open communication and collaboration among the building’s community.” For weeks leading up to the event, RXR and Under Armour employees collected gently used sporting goods from fellow tenants at Starrett-Lehigh, both doing good and raising awareness for SKIP and its mission.

Activities designed for the special needs children at the party, as well as their siblings and their guests, were organized pro bono by SNACK*, a New York City recreational center for autistic children. SNACK* founder and SKIP mom Jackie Ceonzo said,  “SKIP has given so much to our family — it is my pleasure to be able to give back to this community by making the party super fun.” SKIP’s Parents Committee provided additional activities, food and decorations, including helping the kids create surprise thank you gifts for Under Armour and Starrett-Lehigh.