Skip of New York

Enrollment Information

The SKIP of New York Enrollment Department assists individuals and/or families through the initial eligibility and enrollment application process into one or more program at no cost to the individual and their families.

Each family is assigned an Enrollment Coordinator who serves as their advocate and who assists by navigating state agencies and non-profit provider agencies to secure the services the child needs.

If you have a child with special needs in New York and need help navigating the health delivery system to get what your child needs to live at home, please contact us. SKIP finds a way over hurdles to chart a way forward for you, your child and your family. To SKIP, “no” is merely a starting point. We never turn a child away and we do not charge for our services.

SKIP is a lifeline for families at the end of their rope, providing the hope and real help they need to put their lives together and move forward. To start the enrollment process, please email and include the name of the town or county where you live, or call us at 212-268-5999.

Services Provided

SKIP has over 150 dedicated Care Managers in four locations: New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, and Painted Post. Through service coordination, advocacy and hands-on problem solving, this compassionate team will work with you to get your child the services he or she needs. SKIP consistently receives superior ratings for its casework, responsiveness and qualifications.

SKIP is authorized by New York State to provide the following services:

  • Early Intervention (EI): Coordinates treatment for developmental delays in children 0-3 years of age.
  • Children’s Health Home Care Management (HH): Advocate, and arrange for a full array of necessary services under the expanded state plan and home and community-based children’s waiver.
  • Home & Community-Based Services Waiver (HCBS): Provides opportunities for medically fragile children to receive needed services in their own homes or communities. Services include:
    • Community Habilitation (ComHab) – Individualized plans for individuals with developmental disabilities to increase skills with a goal towards living in the least restrictive environment. ComHab plans focus on skill building in daily living activities, community integration, communication, and other activities toward independence.
    • Hourly Respite – Temporary care for families of individuals with disabilities to allow time for errands, “time off” and other planned activities.
    • Intensive Respite – Temporary care similar to Hourly Respite and includes behavior management strategies for individuals with both disabilities and challenging behavioral issues.
    • Intensive Behavioral Services (IBS) – Short-term services that focus on developing effective behavior management strategies for people with challenging behavioral issues that are at risk of placement in a restrictive setting.
    • Self-Direction Broker and Fiscal Intermediary Services – Comprehensive guidance through the planning , budgeting, billing, and compliance processes and systems of self-direction.

Call us at (212) 268-5999 or email us at if you need our help accessing the services your child needs.